Natalie Bernal – Full Bio

Natalie Bernal

Natalie Bernal is the General Manager of Oso Creek Golf Course. She worked at this facility as Assistant General Manager in 2014 before heading to Lake Forest where she served as General Manager for four years. Oso Creek will be the third golf course undergoing major improvements during Natalie’s tenure. She was involved with the 2010 renovation of San Juan Hills Golf Course that included construction of a new clubhouse. She worked in the accounting department before promoting to manager of the driving range. The $55 million Newport Beach Country Club renovation followed where Natalie was charged with creating a new recreation department. After that successful venture, Natalie jumped at the opportunity to be part of the City of Mission Viejo’s vision to make Oso Creek Golf Course the best-kept secret in Orange County. Before working in the golf industry, Natalie was focused on personal training and fitness, obtaining her first certification at age 16. A weekend job as a beverage cart server on a golf course led to her newfound interest and career. For the past 18 years, Natalie and her husband have enjoyed golfing at this course, so it holds a special place in her heart. She looks forward to working with the City to make the facility even better for the golfers and folks seeking great food, drinks and service.