Couple whose love affair began at the 10th tee box at Oso Creek Golf Course celebrate special anniversary

karen and michael

Happy anniversary to Michael and Karen O’Meara! The Mission Viejo couple met at the 10th tee box at Oso Creek Golf Course in 2015 and later married during a virtual celebration.

Their love affair on the greens began that year when Michael met fellow golfer Karen after she and two friends noticed Michael golfing alone and asked if they could join him. Karen and Michael enjoyed golfing together so much that they began meeting every Friday at the course. A year of golfing flew by and they became good friends.

“You can learn a lot about a person while playing golf together,” Karen said.

One rainy Friday afternoon, the two were taking cover by the 16th tee and Michael suggested they kiss. From there, the relationship blossomed and on January 20, 2020 Michael proposed to Karen at the 10th tee box where they first met with their poodle Riley and cell phone playing Marc Cohn’s, “True Companion.” Karen said yes!

The couple set the date for April 19, 2020 at the 10th tee with a reception just a few yards away from where they first met. Everything was ordered and planned, and then the pandemic hit. Many of their guests were seniors – some who would have to travel from the East Coast. The couple didn’t want to put their friends and family at risk, so they decided to postpone the ceremony indefinitely.

The couple didn’t have many choices once the shutdown began. Local courthouses were closed and the Alaska cruise they had planned with family in June was also cancelled. Not wanting to wait, the couple realized they could get married via Zoom with their ceremony on their back patio. The Pastor of Communications at Saddleback Church agreed to perform his first Zoom wedding. Twenty-five friends and family joined in virtually. On April 27, the couple exchanged vows and finally became newlyweds.

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karen at golf course karen and michael on zoom karen and michael during wedding

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