City will study enhancements and increased recreational opportunities for residents with a Golf Course and Open Space Vision Plan

casta del sol

As part of the newly rehabilitated Casta del Sol Golf Course, which was built in 1960, the City continues to complete long overdue repairs to the clubhouse and outdoor spaces. Over the last several months, electrical, gas lines, and a collapsed sewer line were repaired, and the clubhouse was upgraded with interior and exterior paint. The most visible and impressive improvement is the revamp of Terrace on the Green patio as well as the initial return of food and beverage service.

In a recent community survey, the top improvements requested by residents include enhancing food and beverage service and expanding trail connections. In response to the community’s desires, the City embarked on an effort to identify various opportunities to enhance food and beverage service and other hospitality opportunities in a cost-effective, sustainable manner.

To assist with this effort, the City contracted with MR-ProFun Inc. to prepare a community Vision Plan for the City’s newly purchased property. The goal of a Vision Plan is to study potential enhancements with hospitality-related activities such as a new restaurant, wedding functions, banquet facilities and increased recreational opportunities. Residents have long been concerned the former privately owned property would be redeveloped with additional housing; however, the City acquired the property last year to preserve the more than 100 acres of open space. The study will NOT consider housing as part of golf-course enhancements. The golf course property and open space behind it (totaling 108 acres) provide a critical link to the Oso Creek Trail and well beyond.

The Tustin-based consulting firm was selected from a Request For Proposal (RFP) process that began in March. The consultant’s work, which began with a kick-off meeting, will include a detailed market analysis to understand market trends and specific fiscal impact; a comprehensive community outreach effort including public workshops and meetings with stakeholders; study sessions with the Economic Development Committee and Planning and Transportation Commission. The proposed Vision plan will be considered by the community at public hearings with the Planning and Transportation Commission and City Council.

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