Provide input during Oso Creek Golf Course and Public Space Virtual Workshop on March 11

During the Oso Creek Golf Course and Public Space Virtual Workshop on March 11, residents will learn about project alternatives and have the chance to provide input on the City’s Vision Plan.

Developing a Vision Plan for the Oso Creek Golf Course and neighboring public space will help identify alternatives for the best uses of this public space in the future. Held from 6-7:30 pm, the virtual meeting will also cover what stakeholders and community members have said so far based on a community-wide survey and listening sessions with bordering associations at the end of last year. According to the survey and sessions, the sentiment includes:

  • Improving safety and amenities at the golf course.
  • Expanding food, beverage and hospitality offerings.
  • Improving and expanding existing recreational and community facilities.
  • Creating more community gathering places like dining, seating and event space.
  • Addressing parking and access for existing and new uses.
  • Enhancing the trail experience.
  • Providing a wider range of recreational amenities for a broader user base.

Registration for the Oso Creek Golf Course and Public Space Virtual Workshop is available on Zoom. For those who are unable to participate in the workshop, the session is being recorded and will be available to view on the City’s website.

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