Oso Creek Golf Course News

man on wall
Live music in the Garden + Grille July 21

Join us in the Garden + Grille for live music featuring Chris James playing high-energy hits from classic rock to dance tunes. Cocktails and a music night food menu will be …

guys on golf course
Golf Lime Golf Tournament August 19

A “lime” is a Caribbean word for hanging out with friends.  So, a golf lime is a golf tournament to hang out with friends! This golf lime will feature challenges …

kids and parents
Family Links Staycation July 15

Get ready for a great summer family evening at the Family Links Staycation – it’s a vacation right in your own backyard! Events are designed for the whole family, no …

men with guitars
Live music in the Garden + Grille June 23

Join us in the Garden + Grille from 5:30 to 7:30 pm for live music featuring the 5150’s band playing a mix of classic rock of the ‘70s, ‘80s and …

Men with trophies
Father’s Day Golf Tournament June 18

The second annual Father’s Day Golf Tournament returns on Sunday, June 18.  Whether you play with generations of dads or with family and friends, this will be fun for all! …