Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Natalie Bernal

General Manager
Natalie Bernal is the General Manager of Oso Creek Golf Course. This will be the third golf course undergoing major improvements during her career. Natalie jumped at the opportunity to be part of the City of Mission Viejo’s vision to make Oso Creek Golf Course the best-kept secret in Orange County.

Oseas Lopez

Oseas Lopez brings decades of experience to Oso Creek Golf Course. He has worked for American Golf Corp and in the golf industry for 30 years throughout Southern California and has been a superintendent for 18 years. His goal is to make the experience for all golf patrons unforgettable.

Khaled Ayub

Brand Manager
Khaled Ayub is devoted to providing outstanding customer service and employing Mission Viejo’s brand of excellence at the golf course. His goal is to provide an incredible golf experience to the residents of Mission Viejo and beyond.

Rebecca Orellana

Executive Chef
Rebecca Orellana has been a professional chef for the past 9 years and has a background in management. She loves customer service, guest experience, and going the extra mile to put smiles on faces. Her mission is to inspire the world with creative, innovative food through the art of cooking.